Amazing Shamballa Bracelet Meaning

Shamballa bracelets have become one of the most worn accessories in these recent years. 

They are greatly embraced by both men and women in the fashion world all over the world. It is very easy to make with very minimal supplies since it’s made with leather or nylon strings which are together with shamballa beads. It is said that each shamballa bead represents its own sacred journey on the way to tranquility, mindfulness, thoughtfulness, diligence, concentration, joy and balance. Some say that the beads represent wisdom, forgiveness, tranquility, peace, happiness, enlightenment and spiritual healing.

Shamballa bracelet meaning is inexhaustible since people have different interpretation to shamballa bracelet meaning. However, shamballa covers all traditions and nothing is excluded. Even though shamballa bracelets are associated with Buddhism, it has nothing to do with theism and can embrace other religions such as Judaism and Christianity. About how we rule the world and support others with the use the power of human element and natural domain, with the use of shamballa we can be able to create and maintain a better world by being sensible and courageous individuals.  

 4 attunements to shamballa:

· 1st level focuses on self healing and healing of others

· 2nd level allows an individual to mentally send healing messages to people who are far by sending them a shamballa

· 3rd level adds more details and strengthens an individual

· 4th level allows an individual to help others with attunements

Shamballa bracelets design meaning

These bracelets are inspired by meditation and traditions and their designs incorporate ancient Buddhism and Tibetan symbols. This includes dragon which symbolizes the severance of material and worldly bonds, thunderbolt which symbolizes enlightenment. Their designs, whether metal, gem or stones are believed to have healing properties.

Shamballa bracelet colors meaning

Colors used in making shamballa bracelet have meaning as well. For example: 

· light blue- tranquility

· gold- copiously beautiful

· gold and silver-the dream state

· silver/white-deep thoughts

· multicolored- unfocused minds

· pink- eternal love

· red-courage and bravery 

· Purple- happiness spiritual realization 

· Indigo-intuition, self awareness, perception and psychic 

 Due to the chic and simple design of shamballa bracelets they have become very popular fashion accessory and most especially among celebrities. But while it is still popular it’s important to remember that there is a deeper meaning in every shambles bracelet. It can be connected to a deeper meaning and spirituality and can help you improve in your life. By wearing a shamballa bracelet you can you can try to capture a piece of your own paradise and love!

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