The Allure of Cigar Smoking

Cigar smoking, like drinking wine, is a luxury for many Americans today and is something that many don’t know too much about. Of course you know what cigars are, but are you a cigar connoisseur? Do you know all of the different types, where they came from, how much they cost, or which one is best for certain scenarios? If you’re like most Americans, then your answer probably is “not at all”. If this is the case have no worries, we’re here to help! 
Key Difference First off, you need to understand that cigar smoking is very different from other ways of smoking tobacco. Smoking tobacco from pipes, cigarettes, or bongs is more about the amount you can inhale as fast as possible, to get the biggest buzz. However with cigars, it is more about savoring the delicate taste and steady buzz that a fine cigar provides.
Also, the highest quality cigars are all hand rolled. This means there is an exponentially superior amount of care placed in the preparation of the product. This is simply not possible when dealing with chewing tobacco or cigarettes for that matter. Of course this increase the cost of the tobacco substantially, but it is definitely worth the premium! 
Key Elements A cigar is made up of a wrapper, filler, and binder.
The wrapper is the external shell of the cigar that is made from large dried up tobacco leaves. It is what keeps the entire cigar together along with its contents, even after you light it.
The filler of the cigar is the dried up tobacco leaves that are the actual contents you smoke. These can be from different types of tobacco plants from all around the world. The quality and taste of the cigar mostly depends on this element and what tobacco plants were used as the filler.
The binders are what hold the filler together inside of wrapper. These are typically made from the same tobacco leaves as the filler is; only there are some key differences that help bind the leaves together.
Different Shapes Cigars come in many shapes and sizes, but this does not alter their quality by any means. The different shapes are more for show and handling than they are for a quality or taste measure. However, the more irregular shaped cigars are more expensive because they are so much more difficult to make.
The most common type of cigar shape is the Parejo, and it is the shape you probably imagined when you heard the word “cigar”. They look like a straight cylinder shape, or like a much longer cigarette. The irregular shapes are: pyramid, torpedo, perfecto, and presdiente and they all differ in unique kinds of ways. You can check out a full list of the different options here
Conclusion Hopefully this quick and dirty guide to cigars has helped give you introductory exposures to all of the moving parts that make up a great cigar. Remember, cigar smoking is much more complex than you would think and that is what draws people to its allure.

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We got to try a few Compact Cameras this Week

The convenient, constantly – accessible camera-embedded inside your iPhone, Galaxy S4 or preferred brand of smartphone is the exclusive device you ever need to snap and share pictures with friends and family, in case you are like lots of people. Why would you consider purchasing a stand alone compact camera when your smartphone does it all?

Because, photographically speaking, smart phones don’t do it all. Even after reading some of the best compact camera reviews we’ve seen in a while, we weren’t swayed. For example, most phones usually do not come supplied with opticalzoom lenses, so that they are useless in case you are shooting hungry lions or simply your children playing soccer or baseball. In Addition, great point-and-shoots will also easily defeat most smartphones in low light, if you’re shooting with or without a flash. These four point-and-shoot cameras shoot your images a notch above smartphone cameras while still being readily pocketable.

Children, animals, sports — Casio’s EX-ZR400 is a fast shooting, fast-operating camera for catching high velocity topics. This really is far and away the quickest point-and-shoot out there, with its near-instant startup, virtually imperceptible DSLR like shutter lag, quick autofocus, shutter speeds up to 1/25,000 of a second, an unbelievable still-picture burst-mode of 30 fps and super slow-mo video at up to 1,000 fps. Furthermore, the EX-ZR400′s low power consumption extends shooting capacity to 515 shots per charge — about twice that of its own opponents.
You need a highend point-and-shoot if you desire a camera that could slip into your own pocket, you want picture quality that’s similar to some midrange interchangeable lens or entry-level DSLR cameras and also you’re not scared to drop a sizeable amount of money for this. You want something which’s better than the Panasonic LX7 (our pick for the best sub-$450 point and shoot), smaller than a mirror less, and also you’re willing to spend to $1,000 to marry these worlds.

If you think that’s too much cash (and we don’t attribute you, $750 is a considerable sum), the aforementioned LX7 is still a superb camera, plus it currently includes a street value of less-than half the RX100 II. But you’re not going to see exactly the same subtle variations in colour, and also your low light images are going to emerge far more fuzzy.

Probably the supreme expression (or last-gasp) of digital-camera progression isn’t just a smart phone-camera hybrid but an advanced gizmo that preserves each device’s strengths. The smartphone’s touch screen doubles as its viewfinder, and it includes numerous well-known camera capabilities and features.